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New Release Souls of the Soil by Gloria Waldron Hukle

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 "Souls of the Soil" is driven by an 18th century murder in New York. The lives of two sets of fathers and sons--all four sharing the same DNA-crisscross between centuries in this thought provoking conclusion to Hukle's American Book Series. that began with

 Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple.


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Cobb’s Sequel to the Juvenile Readers by Lyman Cobb

Cobb Author of the Spelling-Book, School Dictionary, Juvenile Readers, Explanatory Arithmetic

Printed and Published in Chambersburgh, Pa. by Hickok & Blood 1836 !

This little book from 1836 by Lyman Cobb offers a selection of Lessons in Prose and Poetry from Highly Esteemed American and English Writers.

This is such a unique book for the teacher in one’s life.

Lesson 1 begins with Education

First Para. Begins what a fine acquirement; how productive of good, and how replete with excellence and importance to man is education. It is one of the brightest ornaments which can gild his passage through this world, or which can make him appear to an advantage in it. It (education) places within his reach all those comforts and pleasures which, as man, he can possibly enjoy, and affords him an opportunity of dissipating the clouds of ignorance, and thereby contributing to the welfare of his fellow beings.


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 Titles:  Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple

           The Diary of a Northern Moon

            Threads An American Tapestry 


"Souls of the Soil"


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Waldron Series & Very Old Manhattan Goes Paperless
Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple by Gloria Waldron Hukle available  in both hard and soft cover is now also available in electronic version as an ebook. (visit: Amazon Kindle Store) or for the NOOK App.
Hukle’s well researched story of early Manhattan was the lead novel for the Waldron Series. Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple is followed by Threads An American Tapestry the story of Margaret Vandenberg, the tall, plain-fatured l8th century woman born to a Dutch immigrant and his native American wife.  Moving to the 20th century Hukle's The Diary of a Northern Moon  tells a tale of deceit, murder and forgiveness in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. "Souls of the Soil"
- Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple, the first of the series opens in 1653 when lower Manhattan was a Dutch community of about 120 houses, its people protected by a fort and a log wall which stood as a defense against Indian attacks. Today’s Wall Street follows the line of that ancient plank wall.
        With historic accuracy Hukle tells the story of Sheriff Resolved Waldron, his wife, Tennake, and their three children who lived at the present day crossing of Wall Street and Broadway. There along with them on Block B, across the street from  the Dutch West India Company’s enormous garden,  resided Augustine Herrman, Peter Schaefbanck, the jailor, Hendrick Hendricksen, and Domine (clergy) Samuel Drisius.
            These were but a few of America's first immigrants. This is their story.
Author Gloria Waldron Hukle is a native and resident of New York State.  She resides in Averill Park, New York, a part of the Albany Capitol District Area.