Author Gloria Waldron Hukle

New York Historical Book Series by Gloria Waldron Hukle


This 18th, 19th C. Waldron, Van Aernam, Fuller, Lawrence, Corbett, Larrabee and Don Carlos Family data is transcribed from a Waldron Bible found in New York State.

The  recorded Waldron as well as their children below descend from Resolved Waldron of New Amsterdam and his son William and his grandson Peter Waldron (1675-1725)

See American Waldron Series Novels. As far as is known this Waldron Bible was purchased in 1999 from a dealer in New York by Mr. Russel Van Norman.  I have been unable to contact Mr. Van Norman who transcribed this information.  Several of these families lived in Albany or Saratoga County New York


Jacob VA ( Van Aernam) Waldron was born September lst 1816 in Guilderland, New York

Elisa Ann Lawrence was born April 4th 1820 in Conklin, N.Y.

Cornelius H. (Henry) was born Dec. 18th 1772 in Albany, N.Y. (Was the grandson of Cornelius Waldron murdered in 1756-the man who inspired the novel "Souls of the Soil"

Hester Van Aernam was born August 27th ,1769 in Albany Co. New York

Catherine B. Waldron was born Oct. 27th 1798

Harry Waldron was born July 24th, 1796

Alice Angeline Waldron was born March 31, 1846.  Alice married Marshall Corbett December 30th 1869 Alice Angeline Corbett died July 19th 1922.

Lawrence Waldron was born September 9th, 1749

Norman Waldron born December 10th 1853

Norman Waldron married Louise Fuller October 21st 1885

Mary Fuller Waldron born August 11th 1886

Mary Fuller Waldron married Harlan Silcott Don Carlos April 12 1917

Lawrence V.A. (Van Aernam) Waldron born August 20th ,1889

Mary Louise Waldron born February 8th 1933. Mary Louise Waldron m. James Farnham Larrabee Jr. September 1, 1951.

Linda Louise Larrabee born October 3 1954 Wilson Memorial Hospital Johnson City New York.

Lawrence Van Aernam Waldron married Maude Rathbun Stour May 9th 1932


Hester Waldron died May 10th 1835 aged 65 years 8 mo. 13 days

Jacob V.A. Waldron died June 16th aged 6 years 1 month 19 days

Cornelius H. Waldron died Feb. 11th 1852

John V.A. Waldron died October 27th 1893 aged 92 years 9 months 11 days

Lawrence V.A. Waldron died Marcy 1, 1974

Lawrence E. Waldron died April 5th 1867

Eliza A. Waldron died May 17th 1901 aged 81 years 13 days

Jack V.A. Waldron died March 7 1909

Harlan Don Carlos  husband of Mary Fuller Waldron , died March 1 1974


Jacob VA Waldron and Elisea A. Lawrence were married June 11th 1845

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