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Amazon Reader Review July 2018

SOULS OF THE SOIL by Gloria Waldron Hukle.

First and foremost, Hukle's books are remarkably well-

researched. You simply cannot read one of her novels without learning something new. Her books have enlightened and reshaped my understanding of the history of New York and the USA. In Souls of the Soil, I especially enjoyed the alternating perspectives between present-day and historical New York. She conveys the realities, dangers, and challenges of early American living through relatable, believable characters and compelling storylines. If you like to learn real, solid history while you read an entertaining novel, then Hukle's books are for you!

“Souls of the Soil” Book four of the American Waldron Series by Gloria Waldron Hukle  that began with "Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple"

The final book of the American Waldron series- "Souls of the Soil"

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Who are the souls of the soil? “Souls of the Soil” Cast of Characters


Cornelius Vandenbergh

The story opens in the year 1679 on an island located in what is today Rensselaer County New York. The fertile land is covered by crystals that the Natives believe sacred. Cornelius Vandenbergh the immigrant, a tenant farmer on Van Rensselaer land is the father of Catherine (Cate) Waldron.


Peter Waldron

Peter, a Manhattan trained mason and fur trader is driven by his ambitions. Peter and his wife settled in Albany, New York 1700. 

Peter’s wife, Cate Waldron petite, direct, a devout Christian, but also superstitious, devoted wife and mother.


Cornelius Waldron
Half Moon New York (today Waterford area) in 1756. His murder drives this part of my story.

Jannette Van Ness

Robust, out-spoken, most consider her a great beauty, married to Cornelius Waldron. For purpose of this novel and ease of reading- she is called Janet.


John Collins
Good friend to Peter Waldron, Albany attorney

Tom Carey

Marine Corp Vet, Lawyer, Tom is Steve and Helen (Brown) Carey’s son. He opens the modern side of the story in 2014.


Steve Carey
In this story descends from the Adirondack Carey, college educated. Steve loves the smell of wood, Steve is the ‘searcher’ who sees what others don’t.
Helen Carey- Steve’s wife. Helen really never got over her first love who went into the priesthood. Now she struggles with loving her husband unconditionally. And maybe rightly so.

Gloria Waldron Hukle writes...

“Souls of the Soil" is one story within another, a contemporary novel converging with well researched historical fiction, the whole of which is driven by an actual murder in the year 1756.

Souls of the Soil opens Provincial New York 1679 with the distraught farmer, Cornelius Vandenbergh who lives on an island located  across from Albany along the Hudson River - today is Rensselaer County, New York.

But Hukle’s historical novel opens long before blood drips from the blade of a sharpened 18th century rusty bayonet. 

The lives of two sets of fathers and sons, all four of whom share the same DNA, cris-cross between centuries.

Setting - 17th, 18th and 19th Century New York. The New York counties -Saratoga, Rensselaer and Albany  New York

From Author Gloria Waldron Hukle  -  "As it has been throughout history, along the pathway of life chances are that you've met someone very much like "Souls of the Soil" characters, Steve and Helen Carey, or Cornelius Waldron.  For various reasons you've both loved and disliked them all at the same time.  Only one thing about every life is for certain.  We all have a specific purpose for being here."


Journey with, charter, Steve Carey as he straddles two separate centuries , convinced that he lived another life during the French and Indian War.  Is what he sees real or not? This is for you, the reader to decide. This unique historical novel  is a blend of accurate historical  and genealogical fact sprinkled with lore, all served upon a silver monogramed tray of contemporary fiction.  The 4th of Hukle's  "American Waldron Series Novels"  is available in paperback or for reading on your NOOK or KINDLE. as well as softcover paper


Cultural layering along with an intimacy with past New Yorkers paves the road for "Souls of the Soil".                                            

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