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March 4,2011 "The Diary of a Northern Moon"by Gloria Waldron Hukle published as ebookat Amazon's Kindle store

WALDRON Family History Research Turns Into Historical Novels WALDRON Family History Research Turns Into

Historical Novels

Gloria Waldron Huckle was bitten by the genealogy bug many years ago and while digging into her early Dutch Colonial Roots on the WALDRON Family she became so interested in their history that her passion for history sparked her career as a novelist.

From a recent article in the Glens Falls Post Star newspaper she tells her story to a staff reporter and it is a fun story to follow.

She brings her ancestors and their lives to life with her fictional novels, three of them so far, starting in the 17th century up to more modern times you will see how the families progressed through the generations.

(From the Post Star article:)
“Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple” is the story of lower Manhattan in 1653 and the Dutch who lived there, including Resolved Waldron. “The Diary of a Northern Moon” follows a 26-year-old advertising executive in 1976 as she journeys through the Adirondacks looking for clues to her family’s past. “Threads: An American Tapestry” tells the story of Margaret Vandenberg and the struggles she faces in the early 18th century because of her gender and mixed ancestry.

By going back in time through her family history research she was able to discover exact locations where they had resided and she would go to those spots and try to envision what it was like in the much earlier times.

Essentially her books follow quite a similar pattern of the history of New York from the earliest to modern times. Many of our own ancestors followed quite the same migration patterns as hers did, up and down the Hudson River towns and then branching out to other parts of Upstate New York.

You will want to read the complete article in the Post Star.

Congratulations Gloria on your achievement and thank you for writing these books.
Dick Hillenbrand
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Third Novel for Author Gloria Waldron Hukle--


Threads-An American Tapestry

Bringing to life a fascinating mix of people that were Colonial America


Well researched and chuck full of New York and Pennsylvania early eighteenth century colonial people, places and events woven amid fictional characters-Threads An American Tapestry is a third novel for Author, Gloria Waldron Hukle. Her readers will be excited to learn that this new book chronologically follows Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple, the l7th century saga of the Waldron family who emigrated from Holland to New York City then called New Amsterdam.

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Answers many questions re. those Waldrons.


Threads opens in l723 colonial Upstate New York, nearly seventy years after Resolved Waldron & family (Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple) moved from their Manhattan house on the corner of today’s Wall Street and Broadway to their country property at Harlem directly after the 1664 English takeover of the New Netherland colony, ie birth of New York.


 In the opening scene central character, Margaret Vandenberg, carefully watches the departure of the census taker’s carriage, fearful that the provincial official will make a few dangerous discoveries about what she already suspects may be happening on her lush and elaborate estate. Margaret’s main concern –one that she has trouble believing herself, is that one of her beloved Negro servants is helping runaways.  She hates to think that this is even a possibility because another of her slaves was killed a decade before in the l713 New York City slave uprising. Although most considered Margaret’s young Negro Lizbeth an innocent caught up in turbulent times, the servant woman’s link to one of the instigators of the rebellion and the ensuing violence that had paralyzed all the colony with fear has left a blemish on the Vandenberg name. 

As the novel proceeds tension builds as the Vandenberg Manor is attacked one afternoon by a group of masked riders gravely injuring several working at the mill. The attack is the catalyst for a horrific discovery.


 Margaret, a woman well into her thirties, is no stranger to prejudice and as she prepares to marry for the first time she struggles with many issues. She vows that she will leave all of this in God’s hands-but can she?


This then, is the story of Margaret, her family and friends, and a few in the Colony who dislike her, for reasons that haven’t changed among humankind since time began.


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 INTRODUCING ‘LORE’ on Author Gloria Waldron Hukle’s website… June 2009 I have introduced a new category to my website at   I call this new room where seekers can visit and wander ……LORE

If you click on the button LORE --- you will find a hodgepodge of scraps and pieces of rediscovered documents, journals, photos –findings that I’ve discovered or been provided over the last number of years while I researched old New York history and the families that originally settled New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont, of course, beginning with the Waldron’s who originated with Resolved Waldron of New Amsterdam (NYC)…making the writer an llth generation Waldron.  But, even before Resolved came to these shores, others were already here –such as the Hitchcock’s- three brothers Matthias –Luke and Edward who came through Boston but settled early on at East Haven, Ct. and later Wethersfield, Ct.  Because of Luke Hitchcock’s desire for a “new beginning” a century or so later Mary Jane Hitchcock Morehouse was my gggrandmother. It seemed only right to remember Luke in “Threads- An American Tapestry.”

            LORE is a resurrected beating heart for many long forgotten souls and it is my hope that you will discover something new about a name in your family tree.

This will be an on-going project through the next months with weekly updates.


Best to all

Gloria Waldron Hukle




Gloria Waldron Hukle Combines Romance, Murder, Mystery and Local Lore in New Novel


AVERILL PARK, N.Y. JUNE 16, 2008 – The second of a planned series of three, The Diary of a Northern Moon, although centuries apart from Hukle’s first novel, Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple, is threaded to the others by a unique family history. In Hukle’s latest account, the action begins in 1956, in front of an upstate New York morgue, as Bertha Waldron braces herself to identify the body of her estranged second husband, Ben, who disappeared a year before. Bertha manages the strength to go through with the difficult task, and as she sits beside Ben’s corpse examining his personal possessions, she recalls a life once sweet with tender intimacies.

      Fast-forwarding to 1976, Hukle shifts the narrative toward Ben and Bertha’s daughter, Tena. Only a child during the painful time around her father’s death, Tena Waldron is now a successful, 26-year-old advertising executive, but the road to this point has been long and zigzagging, and Tena is increasingly disturbed by peculiar dreams that she believes are rooted in the past.

       Yearning to discover more about her father, Ben Waldron, she is drawn into an enigmatic journey that leads her to the small Adirondack Mountain town of North Creek. Here Tena expected to find answers, but in Gloria Waldron Hukle’s mysterious new tale, The Diary of a Northern Moon, it appears that the harder Tena tries to piece together the puzzle of her father’s life, less and less seems to fit. When a small package with no return address is left on her stoop, its contents become the catalyst for her journey to North Creek, where she meets George MacArthur, her father’s childhood friend. Although she is at first delighted by the prospect of learning more about the father she barely knew, George quickly becomes elusive, and Tena is confused by the cool behavior shown by him and his wife, Lillian. As the puzzle becomes more and more jumbled, Tena discovers that in this quiet, northern New York community, nothing is as it seems. The confusing pieces leave Tena – and readers – with one persisting question: Who exactly was Ben Waldron?

      The author, a native and resident of New York State, is an 11th generation descendent of Resolved Waldron, a mid-l7th century immigrant to New Amsterdam – now New York City – and a central character within her first novel, Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple. She and her husband live in Upstate New York on the fringe of the Berkshire Mountains.  A third novel, Threads An American Tapestry, is scheduled summer 09.  


First Families

New Historical Novel Tells of Manhattan’s First Families
Written by 


Dutch Immigrants Focus of Book about New Amsterdam

AVERILL PARK, NY - - September 7, 2006 - - In 1653, lower Manhattan was made up of primarily 120 houses of immigrants making their way in the New World. Resolved Waldron was one of the men who brought this family to this new land, and Gloria Waldron Hukle, a distant relative, tells their story in a new novel, Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple.
Both well-researched and imaginative, this historical novel offers a rare glimpse inside the area that now is one of the most influential in the world. A fort and a massive planked wall protected the families from Indian attacks, and the line of that wall is what is now Wall Street.
At the corner of Broadway and Wall Street in modern-day New York, the Waldron family lived on Block B. From their home they could see the Dutch West India Company’s enormous lush farm, which now, in part, is the location of Trinity Church. Dutch immigrant Resolved Waldron served as the assistant sheriff for Peter Stuyvesant, the director general of the New Netherlands colony. The story follows Waldron and his wife, Tennake, who is 20 years younger, and their children. Although he is not her first choice in mates, Tennake loves her husband dearly. Resolved’s brother, Joseph, has also made his way across the ocean. A dreamer and intellectual, he falls in love with a Negro slave, Sarah, and will love no other.
With immigrants from dozens of homelands, the Waldrons face cultural diversity 300 years before it becomes the topic of scholarly study. They face the trials of adapting to life in a fledging country and become part of history. One of Resolved's duties is to arrest the Englishman John Bowne, a Calvinist, whose Quaker wife, Hannah Feke, is preaching. Fed up, Stuyvesant orders her arrest at the Bowne house in Flushing, and the subsequent trial is widely believed to be the first determination of religious freedom in North America.
(The Bowne house still stands today)
A fascinating historical novel, Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple weaves the history of l7th Century settlers and the future metropolis of New York with creative storytelling. Hukle, a native of New York State, is an 11th-generation American in the line of the Dutch Waldron family. She and her husband, a retired nuclear engineer, share their country home in Upstate New York with their two 7-year-old sister dogs, Louise and Bertha. A student of history, Hukle strives to bring awareness to a long-forgotten segment in time and to spotlight scores of brave immigrants who contributed to laying the true foundation of America long before the Revolutionary War. Three more novels are in process. AuthorHouse is the premier publishing house for emerging authors and new voices in literature.
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    17th Century Novel Tells the Story of Manhattan’s Forgotten First Families


            MANHATTAN SEEDS OF THE BIG APPLE ISBN 9781425942618, by Gloria Waldron Hukle, is at heart, the story of a struggling middle class, slave-owning family, consisting in part of a young wife and two brothers. All three endeavor to understand each other while living the searing diversities of Colonial New York. Ultimately, they have no choice but to accept harrowing change that threatens to break the family structure. They were immigrants and this is their story.

The Waldron immigration to the l7th century Dutch Colony of New Netherlands begins in Holland with a restless widower who must quickly find a wife and a mother for his three young children. Resolved Waldron finds such a match in the plain, yet tenacious Tenake Nagel, the seventh daughter of a comfortably established Calvinist minister. Such begins the journey of one of the first families to settle in New Amsterdam, which a decade after their arrival, without a shot being fired, will become the English City of New York.

 Both well researched and imaginative, MANHATTAN SEEDS OF THE BIG APPLE transports the reader to the Broadway of mid-1600s bringing vividly to life an all but lost rich segment of American History. Here Sheriff Waldron and his family, along with neighbors from dozens of global points, face raw cultural diversity centuries before the expression becomes a topic of scholarly discussion.  One of Resolved’s duties is to arrest the Englishman John Bowne, whose Quaker wife, Hannah, is preaching. The arrest of Bowne and his subsequent trial is widely believed to be the first determination of religious freedom in North America.