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Manhattan l868 Map –View 

An l868 Map of the City of New York Compare the l868 Map of NYC to the Old mid l600s map of the tip of Manhattan on this site and see the progress made over two hundred years. The l868 New York Map was prepared by W.C. Rogers And Company For Joseph  Shannon’s Manual of New York back in l868

Central Park is in place and shows both the Old Reservoirand the much larger New Reservoir

Property owners along the Hudson River and Kings  Bridge Road such as Richards, J. G. Bennett, Poole, G.B. Butler, Dashwood,  are clearly defined as well as scores of others along the Harlem River, many of them such as Dyckman and Van Nest familiar as they are descendants of Resolved Waldron.


From the research of Gerry Swentzel of Florida we are told that Samual Waldron property is at lllth St. between lst and 3rd, R. Waldron is listed between 84th and 86th between lst and 3rd St.

Roosevelt?s Island (Previously known as Welfare Island) located in the East River was first known as Blackwell?s Island which is how Rogers lists the long narrow piece of land where he aptly shows the Alms Houses, a Work House, Lunatic Asylum,  and a Hospital.

Manhattanville, Mott Haven, Highbridgeville,  Morrisania, West Morrisania, Tremont and so many others . Just fascinating. 

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Manhattan Beginnings1600s

"It is said that some 60 percent of Americans have roots in New York State"

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