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New York Historical Book Series by Gloria Waldron Hukle

Morehouse Family in America

Thomas Morehouse was in Wethersfield Connecticut as early at 1640 and owned property next to Thomas Sherwood . In 1641 Thomas Morehouse moved to Stamford and was one of the original 29 white settlers of the town who purchased it of the New Haven Colony who had previously bought it of the Indians for 100 bushels of corn. -Source New Haven Colonial Records 1638-1649 p. 45 and 199 .

In 1653 Thomas Morehouse settled in Fairfield Connecticut and died 1658 in Fairfield. Thomas Morehouse is believed to be the ancestor of ALL Morehouse in America

Source: The Press of Tuttle, Morehouse and Tayor New Haven, Ct. 1894 

According to Historian John Austin of Queensbury, New York, Thomas Morehouse owned his property in Wethersfield Connecticut next to Thomas Sherwood and later moved with Thomas Sherwood to Stamford after selling his property to George Wyllys.

In Fairfield, Ct. Thomas Morehouse purchased Henry Jackson's tide mill. He was made deputy from Fairfield to the Connecticut Legislature in Sept. of 1653.

Source Donald Jacobus's History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield Vol. 1 1930-34

Note from Author Gloria Waldron Hukle

Ella Morehouse Waldron, my paternal grandmother was the daughter of Caroline Dalaba and George Madison Morehouse.  George Morehouse was born Bakers Mills, New York September 2 , 1858. He died June 9, 1901.

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