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 “Souls of the Soil” by Gloria Waldron Hukle 

 The Perfect Blend of Historical and Metaphysical Fiction

“Souls of the Soil” by Gloria Waldron Hukle is one tale within another; a contemporary novel that questions the meaning of reality converges with well-researched historical fiction, the whole body of the book inspired by an actual murder in Upstate New York in the year 1756 during the French and Indian War and the discovery of a local family cemetery plot centuries later.

But Gloria Waldron Hukle’s final slice of her “American Waldron Book Series” opens long before blood drips from the blade of a sharpened rusty bayonet. 

The lives of two sets of fathers and sons, all four of whom share the same DNA, crisscross between centuries in this last of the four book series that began a decade ago with “Manhattan: Seeds of the Big Apple.”

 “Souls of the Soil” begins in the year 1679 as Cornelius Vandenberg, a badly burnt, disheartened Dutch immigrant farmer living on Papscanee Island near Albany, laments his loss of everything. It is November on the crystal covered, scorched fertile land, long held sacred by the indigenous peoples. As the fire smolders, the angry immigrant wonders how he can go forward.   

Thus begins this superb blend of metaphysical fiction and historical fiction, the trek continuing many centuries and generations later with the reconciliation of family members brought together by the unexpected death of a close friend.

After twenty five years living in Arizona, Tom Carey finds himself back where he was born and raised a couple hundred miles north of Manhattan.  Whatever he remembered about the old days that occasionally kept him awake at night have disappeared.  Well, almost everything. Picking up his rental at the Albany airport, thoughts of the hours of the last day of his father's life return and linger as he heads toward the lands his Dutch ancestors settled.

Souls of the Soil by Gloria Waldron Hukle

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SOULS OF THE SOIL by Gloria Waldron Hukle.

Book Review

First and foremost, Hukle's books are remarkably well-researched. You simply cannot read one of her novels without learning something new. Her books have enlightened and reshaped my understanding of the history of New York and the USA. In Souls of the Soil, I especially enjoyed the alternating perspectives between present-day and historical New York. She conveys the realities, dangers, and challenges of early American living through relatable, believable characters and compelling storylines. If you like to learn real, solid history while you read an entertaining novel, then Hukle's books are for you!-

Reader Amazon July 2018