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Gloria Waldron Hukle , a native and resident of New York State, is the author of five historical novels.

A student of history, Hukle's objective is to arouse an awakening in America's uniquely diverse culture through story, spotlighting many of the first  American immigrants, the early New York Dutch and African settlers.  Her stories give voice to those who settled at Manhattan and beyond. The voices of  first Europeans, their  African American servants, craftsmen and formidable Native American leaders such as King Hendrick are heard again.  With a blend of authentic fact and spellbinding fiction, little known, by-gone residents of New York come to life. 

Hukle's commitment to community and  historical preservation has taken her to schools, libraries, book clubs, and historical associations nationwide.. Many of these engagements can be viewed on this site.

New York Author Gloria Waldron-Hukle signs her books for students in Pennsylvania.

If you would like to arrange an author appearance at your school, library, or historical association contact Ms. Hukle via this website or  .


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2020 News - "Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple" "Threads An American Tapestry , "The Diary of a Northern Moon" "Souls of the Soil" and NEW "Beneath the Elms" NOW available in softcover or for  for your Kindle and all electronic devices via the  store 

August 2020 Author Gloria Waldron Hukle in the News again with a NEW BOOK.

August 2020: Beneath the Elms completes the American Waldron Book Series. that began with Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple,fourteen years ago. Meet Dan Waldron and his pioneering  family as they arrive in a fledgling farm hamlet situated deep within the mountains of  New York in the year 1817  Beneath the Elms spans the decades leading up to the Civil War. Get to know America as this family story tackles sobering changes.   Between Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple and Beneath the Elms are three more Hukle books. Threads An American Tapestry, The Diary of a Northern Moon and Souls of the Soil complete the book series. All  are available in via .

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