Author Gloria Waldron Hukle

New York Historical Book Series by Gloria Waldron Hukle

18th C. Ancestry Bio Cornelius Waldron of Halfmoon, New York

Cornelius Waldron Hukle's key character in her book "Souls of the Soil"  was born Albany, New York in the year 1705. He was baptized 18 November at the Albany Dutch Reformed Church. He married at Albany in 1732 Jannette Van Ness. The couple would make their home in Halfmoon, New York where in 1756 Cornelius would be murdered by his discontented manservant. "Souls of the Soil" is in large part their story.

CHILDREN OF CORNELIUS WALDRON (son of Pieter Waldron and Catherine (Cate) Vandenbergh)

1. Pieter born 10 June 1734 m. Rachael Vandenbergh

2. Evert born 8 May 1736 never married. He died 1829.

3. Garret b. 31 May married Catherine VanDenburgh in 1761 and he died 1829.

4. Geertje b. 22 Feb. 1741. She married Nicholas Groesbeck in 1766 at Schaghticoke, New York and the couple had 8 children.

5. Cornelius b. 1743 married Alida Goewey. They made their home at Schaghticoke, New York and had 8 children.

6. Hendrick (young skinny Henry) became Capt. Henry married Margarita Van Vranken in 1771 . They had 9 children.

7. Tryntje (Catherine) b. 1747 married 3 June 1779. she married Nicholas Vandenbergh. They had 7 children.

8 William Waldron b. 3 March 1749 married 1777 to Margarita Van Der Werken. He died in 1832. Lived at Halfmoon, New York Was an Elder and Deacon in the Dutch Reformed Church 1800-1821. Had 8 children.

Note in those times old Schaghticoke, New York was a part of a large territory called Halfmmoon.

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