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The Author's Words

The Author’s Words -compiled by Gloria Waldron Hukle

A page devoted to excerpts from the books of various American authors.

The morning of departure they had all gone to the place called Criers Tower in Amsterdam—Resolved and his brother Joseph, Resolved’s children, her mother and father, four sisters and her brother.  Dearest to her, next to her family, was her friend since the cradle, Cornelia Cole, who now walked with her arm in arm.  Tennake was glad that Cornelia, as usual, chatted constantly without allowing her a word in-between, for that was the way Tennake wished to remember the one who had shared her girlhood giggles, secrets, and hopes.

     The oarsmen accompanying three small rowing boats pulled the vessels securely to the little wharf.  While she waited, her husband and his brother helped little Aeltie, Rebecca, and young Will into one of the small boats.  Two other families were also making the voyage to the New World.  The appointed time had come.

     Tennake turned to be embraced one last time by her father, who whispered final words of love and courage in her ear.  She took hold of her mother, who held her head high.

     “Courage,” her mother said. “Always remember who you are.”

     Tennake did not miss the expression of loving loss in her mother’s eyes, though her lips curved upward toward the heavens as she released her daughter and returned to the waiting supportive arms of her own aging mate.

      She recalled the lonesome despair that descended upon her as she looked back toward the cluster of her four sisters.

      Finally, when Resolved gently lifted her into his boat, she could not hold back her tears although she had vowed that she would not show her family a sad remorseful face at last glance.  As their small boat was rowed away toward the Princess, she felt about her the strong arms of the man who must now replace father, mother, brother, and friend.---

 From Manhattan Seeds of the Big Apple by Historical Novelist- Gloria Waldron Hukle - 

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                                     From  -Author- Dawn Lajeunesse

Many thanks to Gloria for her generous sharing of her website for other authors’ works.

My novels include Autumn Colors, In Her Mother’s Shoes, and my newest (not yet published), Gram & Me. Autumn Colors was my “first-born” and, as such, has a special place in my heart. All of my published books are available in paperback and e-book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I’m happy to send signed paperbacks to anyone/anywhere. You can request through the contact page on my website,

Here is one of my favorite excerpts from Autumn Colors, the opening page of Chapter Ten, one of my favorite chapters:

Chapter Ten

May 1975 

“What’s it really like to be in love, Hilary?”

They were at the campus coffee house, taking a much needed break from studying for finals. Tables had been brought outside under an awning, like a sidewalk café in Paris. They were surrounded by the sights and smells of spring, including her favorite, the hot-fudge tease of the cocoa mulch. She would miss this.

She should have been happy. She was on schedule to graduate in less than two weeks. The paper had offered her a job as a reporter for the Lifestyles section. Her parents told her they’d help with a deposit on a car. Her life beckoned.

But she was miserable. She was stressed by the coming exams. She was saddened to leave there – which seemed ironic, considering she had rushed to escape after her freshman year. Hilary had helped her turn that corner. She would miss her friend tremendously. She hoped Hilary followed through on her plan to move to New York City. It was a much easier place to visit than the hills of Kentucky.

And she couldn’t let go of what had happened with Tom. She wondered if she’d run into him at home. She hoped she wouldn’t and prayed she would. But what would be the point?

“Being in love,” Hilary responded, “is feeling like you and Tom feel about each other when you’re not being complete asses.”

“Don’t sugar-coat it, Hilary. Tell me what you really feel.” God, she would miss this woman. She had never known anyone who could be so completely honest and so completely likeable. There wasn’t an artificial bone in her body.


 A sneak peak from young adult fiction writer,  Anne Perreault's new novel "Love the Lord Your God With All Your Heart" to be released July 2016

       "Exactly what is the meaning of this, AJ?"

         She winced at her father's angry voice.  He slammed the letter onto the counter next to her. In an attempt to become invisible, AJ tried to melt into the cabinets.  She heard and felt her father's ire.  His hot breath trickled the back of her neck, making her tremble in terror.

       "Are you hearing me?" he screamed.

        She had no option but to turn around to face him.  AJ knew that if she didn't, his fury would escalate and envelop her younger sister.  For now, Jenny was watching a sitcom in the other room, safe from the storm brewing in the kitchen. 

       AJ held her breath and turned to face the man who was supposed to be protecting her.  Instead of protection, she saw his rage.  In the next second, his palm had connected with her cheek.

       It stung!

       Tears of pain welled up in her eyes.  She forced her lips tightly together, hoping to stop any sound from breaking loose.  Her father stepped closer to her and she could smell his anger!

       "I knew you didn't have it in you to get into grad school," he sneered.  "What was I thinking?  That you could handle law school? You are so stupid!"

       He drew his lips back in a snarl.  AJ retreated into the corner, hoping that he would not hit her again.  Her father took another step closer to her but this time his hand stayed by his side.

                     Anne Perreault is also the author of "Skating for Grace"


 A fictionalized dream-like journey inspired by Will and Judah Waldron and several more recent family members THE DIARY OF A NORTHERN MOON , like all such narratives , holds a good dose of truth. -Gloria Waldron HukleSee larger image