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Everyone remembers actors, but who can name the author who wrote their lines?

In her day Fannie Hurst was one of America’s highest-paid authors.

Between 1914 and 1930, Fannie Hurst’s literary career was on fire.  VOLUME SEVEN OF THE WORLDS




Recently published, Tassels of Blue by Upstate New York Christian author, Norma Williams Lasch, is a collection of poetry threading together family ties, stitches of humor and hope bound together with God’s amazing cords of love. Each poem is carefully linked and tied to a specific scripture verse.  Lasch tells us that the color blue was chosen for her book cover because it is known as the heavenly color and that the message of Tassels is one of comforting peace, “I am linked to the Lord God”. Tassels of Blue is available at B&N in Albany, New York and . Tassels of Blue can also be found in the 'Local Author' section at Barnes and Noble ,Albany, New York.


Check out Award winning Author-Genealogist ,

Jean E. Perreault now at the National Genealogy blog


and the Hartford Courant's i-town section

More on Jean's new Ct. book scroll down

Award Winning Genealogist Jean E. Perreault

"Footprints Across Connecticut from Simsbury 1930 Census (See Book Reviews)


Genealogist Jean E. Perreault was recognized for her publication Footprints Across Connecticut From Simsbury 1930 Census.
This reference book is an important new resource that will benefit genealogical researchers and social historians locally and statewide. By taking the 1930 census data for Simsbury, CT, indexing it, adding supporting documentation from other sources, and correcting errors, Ms. Perreault has created a document that will benefit all who want to research Connecticut family histories.  Further, with a minimal budget and on demand printing, Ms. Perreault’s Footprints Across Connecticut serves as a new blueprint for future towns to follow in creating resources for making their own raw census data more useful for researchers and genealogists.





Jean E. Perreault
ll3 Vista Way
Bloomfield, Ct.
(860) 658-6623 


Other Authors -New in 2016

 \ Star Catching  . 

A New Novel for Author Dawn Lajeunesse

Star Catching

 A family struck by tragedy is forced to rebuild their lives around a new mold.

Sarah Crawford’s family vacationed every summer with her beloved Gram and Gramps. Every day was a fun adventure, but Sarah’s favorite was their special night of star catching, with Gramps and her dad.

On the last night of vacation, Sarah overhears her grandparents saying how much they look forward to selling their house and traveling unencumbered after Gram retires.

When an accident on their way to the airport kills Sarah’s parents and brother, Marian and Ed cope with grief and the unanticipated responsibility of raising Sarah.

Sarah’s recovery is complicated by guilt over ruining her grandparents’ plans. She decides she must return to Washington, to the home she shared with her parents. Precocious academically, in her immaturity she doesn’t grasp the unrealistic nature of her goal and the dangers of her attempts to achieve it.

Star Catching - YA -suitable for young adult- No sex or violence


 November 2016 - A New Book for Young Adult Author -Anne Perreault

Learning to Trust

'Learning to Trust' is the second book in the Royal Skater Chronicles. In this book, Jacqueline finds that even though she's made a decision that has changed her life, she's not exempt of bad things happening to her. The one constant in her life is her friendship with the twins. She has to learn not to hold on to her life but to give it, freely, in every circumstance. Will she be able to turn to God and not her own understanding?

Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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News from Author Perky Granger November 2016

Florida Writer's Seminar Shaping Up.

Granger says she is in the midst of registrations for her January St. George Island (FL) Writers' Retreat for Women, and a couple spots have opened up in each of our week-long session. The event is a wonderful week of writing, workshops and communing with other writers - right on the Gulf of Mexico. We also have one week when women writers may book days to share the house with others for unstructured time - "On Your Own" days - if they are friends with one of the retreat participants - and you are. If you are interested, see



August 2016, Texas's own Linda Rae Rao, historical novelist, author of the highly praised "Eagle Wings Series"  a saga set in Texas, made her  book series available at the Amazon Kindle store.  Visit Amazon Kindle pages.



 Anne Perreault introduced the Royal Skater  Chronicles  Product Details




Pat Leonard's 2nd book will touch your heart Reach Pat Leonard at

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Pat Leonard's books are available at various booksellers and

And...Poet Pat Shannon Leonard's "Transfiguration" Autographed copies are available in Glens Falls, New York in Warrensburg at Willows Bistro, Miller Art and Frame and at the Warrensburg Museum of Local History. Reach Pat Leonard at


  "The Reverend Samuel Smith and Family  1804-2006" by James and Patricia Richards

According to Richards "Saranac was called by three or four names before becoming Saranac Lake.  Moody's Miller Hill, Bakers Corners and Harrietstown were commonly used." The book was written as a research document to illuminate the life of the Reverend Samuel Smith. It is chuck full of genealogical data for the area.

Contact:  A Richards Studio Production, Kingston, New York




Albany Dutch Settlers Society celebrated 90 years as an organization in September of 2014.....

 The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany, New York Yearbook is Published! A Yearbook Filled With Well Researched Historical New York Articles & Photos-Not to be Missed!  Check out great articles such as "Cemetery Hoppin in Upstate New York" by Albert Mark Fonda. and William (Chip ) Reynolds "Voyage of Discovery: Practical Application of Public History" Mr. Reynonds is Director of the New Netherland Museum and also Captain of the Replica Ship of Half Moon. Ellen Zunon writes "Cookies Cookies" A Van Slyke-Vrooman Connection and historian Shirley Dunn once again holds us all captive with her "Jeremias Van Rensselaer Builds a House" Nancy Johnsen Curran, genealogist, provides all with a map to the past with "A Five Ws Approach to Genealogy Research" Also within Volume 56 you'll find  Mark O'Connor "Composing a String Quartet" , Linda Dingman "Getting to the Other Side", J. William Bouchard "A Brief History of the Erie Canal and the Albany Basin" , Pamela Harrington Hannon's "The Missing Branch" (portrait of Daniel & Ruth Winnie ca. 1908) , Peter R. Christoph's fascinating article "The Life And Legend of A.J.F. van Laer, "The Dedication Concerts for the Albany City Carillon" by Charles Semowich, PhD, and Erica Nuckles "Kick off your wooden shoes!" Learn about Lower New York's First Inhabitants with David M. Oestreicher's "The Lenape or Delaware Indians", and St. Agnes Cemetery with historian Kelly Grimaldi's "Gravestones: The Last Vestiges of Pre-industrial Albany", and Amy Heebuer's  "William Gorham Rice and The Albany Carillon" To obtain a copy of the yearbook or obtain membership information please contact

Vol. 56 Yearbook  Printed by The Altamont Enterprise, Altamont, New York 12009

Thanks to all for a great read!..Gloria Waldron Hukle

Update November 2016 -Author Gloria Waldron Hukle will present and sign her new novel, "Souls of the Soil" at the November 13th at the annual tea in Albany, New York.